Every profession requires a certain set of skills—certain qualities that let you know if you’re right for a job. While some can be learned throughout your training, others are part of what makes each of us special and unique. At CTAE, our career training programs are designed to help you uncover your natural abilities while helping you refine the skills you need to excel at your chosen profession. Our combined Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician training program can prepare you for a career as emergency responder, focusing on teaching and helping you tap into the skills that will help you make an impact on countless lives.

Physical Fitness

Though physical fitness is not the most important part of being successful in these professions, the physical demands of these careers can be intense and meeting them can help you save a life. Being in top physical condition helps firefighters and EMTs perform quickly in the high-stress situations that come with the job. Making a commitment to health and wellness is important to consider if you’ve been considering these career paths.

Communicate Under Pressure

As a firefighter or EMT, you will constantly be required to talk and work with people of all backgrounds, often under stressful conditions. Because of this, your communication skills must be sharp, always working to express compassion, build credibility and make overwhelming situations better. You must show those you’re caring for that you’re sincere in your work. Your fellow firefighters and EMTs need to know you are accountable for your actions at all times, even during the rough times.

Perform Medical Treatments

As a firefighter and EMT, you’ll need to perform the correct medical action quickly and accurately for the best possible outcome. Giving first aid and CPR are standard procedures you’ll learn over time in our program. Equipped with knowledge of helping others on the job, the medical lessons CTAE gives will help you evaluate emergency situations to use the right response on the spot.

A Strong Work Ethic

It may sound cliché, but if you love what you do, you’re much more likely to be successful in your career. At CTAE, our programs focus on helping those who are fueled by helping others become leaders (and heroes) in their communities while advancing their career opportunities. Our Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician Program can not only help benefit your life, but also your community.

How to Get Started

CTAE’s combined Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician Program is a 22-week program requiring 648 hours for completion. Our intensive, hands-on training program allows students to earn certifications as firefighters and EMTs in the state of Florida, so a dedication to your studies and your future career is vital to your success and happiness during and after our program.

Ready to enroll? For CTAE’s Combined Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician Program January 2016 class, applications are due by October 15, 2015. For the July 2016 class, applications are due by Thursday, April 21, 2016. However, applications will be accepted until the class fills.

If you’re interested in applying to our Firefighter and EMT Program, contact Yvette Campetella for more information either by email: Yvette.Campetella@marion.k12.fl.us or call 671-7200. Also, anyone interested in taking the stand-alone Fire Fighter I and II or Emergency Medical Technician programs, please contact Yvette for application and scheduling information.

Still looking for the right fit for your career dreams? CTAE offers over 20 career training programs, including 18 “Career In A Year” Programs,” which can be completed in less than a year! Look through our program offerings to find the one for you and get on the road to a brighter tomorrow.