The staff and students at CTAE are raising funds for a very worthy cause. It is time for   CTAE’s Annual United Way Fundraising Drive, which takes place September to November.  The goal of the fundraising drive is to raise funds which will be donated to the United Way of Marion County, which supports area non-profit organizations that support those in need in our community.  This year, the goal is to raise $5,100.  Students and staff work together to raise funds.  This year, CTAE has thus far held a Pizza Karaoke Party, sold Team CTAE t-shirts and sweat shirts, held blue jean Wednesdays, and sold desserts during the Halloween Bake Sale sponsored by the Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts program. We have several future events planned including November 4th’s Tailgate Tuesday Party.  If you would like more information about CTAE’s United Way fundraising efforts please contact Suzanne Bryant, 352-671-7200.