The Medical Clinical Laboratory Technician Program is an accredited 1,515-hour program which MTC has offered for 15 years. The program is designed to prepare student for employment as medical laboratory technicians in physician offices, clinics, and hospitals. This program combines lecture, hands-on practice in our student laboratory, and a 400-hour mandatory externship in local facilities that allow students to rotate through all laboratory areas. Successful completion of an Applied Technology Diploma program (ATD) allows students to transfer to a college that offers this program towards an Associate Degree.

The program meets the Standards set forth by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), and is an Approved Program from the Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel. Upon successful completion students are eligible to take the National Examination and become licensed. The current pass rate is 100% on this examination, and job openings exist throughout the area.


Basic Healthcare Worker HSC0003C
Phlebotomist MEA0520
(Prerequisites: HSC0003C)
Intro to Medical Laboratory
Technology MLT0009
(Prerequisites: MEA0520 and HSC0003C)
Urinalysis and Body Fluids MLT0220
(Prerequisites: MLT0009, MEA0520, and HSC0003C)
Hematology and Hemostasis MLT0335
(Prerequisites: MLT0220, MLT0009, MEA0520, and HSC0003C)
Immunology MLT0505
(Prerequisites: MLT0335, MLT0220, MLT0009,
MEA0520 and HSC0003C)
Clinical Chemistry MLT0640
(Prerequisites: MLT0505, MLT0335, MLT0220,
MLT0009, MEA0520, and HSC0003C)
Immunohematology MLT0520
(Prerequisites: MLT0640, MLT0505, MLT0335,
MLT0220, MLT0009, MEA0520, and HSC0003C)
Microbiology and Parasitology MLT0450
(Prerequisites: MLT0520, MLT0640, MLT0505, MLT0335,
MLT0220, MLT0009, MEA0520, and HSC0003C)


Employment of medical laboratory technologists and technicians is
projected to grow 30 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than
the average for all occupations. An increase in the aging population
will lead to a greater need to diagnose medical conditions, such as
cancer and type 2 diabetes, through laboratory procedures.*


In the state of Florida, medical clinical laboratory technicians may
earn $21,300 and $49,400 per year.**


  • Standard career and technical program admission procedures

(see MTC catalog)

  • Participation in an information session
  • Additional program requirements, if applicable
  • High school diploma—standard or GED is required
  • High school transcript required


This is an Applied Technology Diploma program. Vocational credit
will be converted to college credit upon transfer to an Associate of
Science Degree at any Florida community college which offers an
Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology. Completers
will be qualified to take a national certification examination at the
Technician level. Successful completion of the AMT examination
allows students to receive their State of Florida Clinical Laboratory
Technician license by endorsement.


  • Board of Clinical Laboratory Initial Florida License
  • American Medical Technologists (AMT)


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