On May 11, 2015, thirteen students representing the Applied Cybersecurity Community Technical and Adult Education (CTAE) and the eleven students representing the Information Technology program at Marion Technical Institute (MTI) participated in a competition called “Capture the Flag”. Eight, three-person teams, each having at least one representative of each school competed against each other in a troubleshooting competition.


Each team was presented with a troubleshooting scenario for a standard Windows-based computer system. As a part of this scenario, there were twelve issues of varying complexity inserted into each system which had to be resolved. Each team was given a 30 minute time limit to resolve the issues, access the Internet, and browse to a specified webpage. Additionally, there were several operating system tasks that each team needed to complete. The winning team was determined by the number of issues resolved within the time allotted.

Mr. William Kratzer, CTAE’s applied cybersecurity instructor stated, “The goals of today’s event were to present real-world scenarios the students will face once they complete their programs, and provide an opportunity for our students to demonstrate the skills they have learned thus far. I was very pleased with their performances.”

The three members of the winning team were Whitney Metzger (CTAE), Erik Johnson (MTI), and Sean McAtee (MTI). One of the winning team members, Whitney Metzger commented, “I really enjoyed this event. It was a great experience in troubleshooting, and working as part of a team. Teamwork was a crucial part of the competition.” Each member of the winning team received an Amazon Fire tablet donated by The Ocala IT Professionals and the Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership (CEP).