A great choice for anyone looking to help others by providing quality medical care, MTC’s Practical Nursing program gives students a chance to learn about health, well-being and patient care in a hands-on environment. Keep reading for answers to a few commonly asked questions about nursing school requirements, our program and how it can help you realize your career goals.

What is a Practical Nurse?

Practical Nurses (PNs) offer patients who are sick, injured, or coming in for a routine check-up standard, emergency, and preventative healthcare. Working with registered nurses and doctors, they are part of a team of professional healthcare providers, making it a challenging and rewarding career path.

As a PN, your duties might include providing basic medical care, greeting patients and recording their information, collecting samples, monitoring patients (acting quickly if complications occur), and counseling family members of patients on how to administer medications, identify symptoms, and stay healthy.

Practical Nurses have the option to work in a variety of settings and environments; so finding a perfect fit for your skills, needs, and schedule is easy. From schools to nursing homes or facilities, to physicians’ offices, hospitals and even universities, PNs can find a variety of employment options.

What does the future hold for PNs?

As the healthcare field continues to grow and evolve, job outlook for PNs is excellent, ensuring a bright future for MTC’s Practical Nursing program graduates. This career choice also offers great growth and advancement opportunities, so you can challenge yourself to become an even better medical professional.

Is MTC’s Practical Nursing program the right choice for me?

When searching for the best nursing schools and programs for you, it’s important to look for courses that offer hands-on training to ensure you’re ready to jumpstart your career in the medical field. MTC’s Practical Nursing program is designed to prepare students for employment right after graduation, with plenty of applied learning experiences and instructors that really care about the success of our students. Our 45-week, program follows the curriculum framework from the Florida Department of Education and meets the Standards and Guidelines of the Florida State Board of Nursing, which means you’ll be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. following graduation.

Ready to enroll? Applications for MTC’s July 2016 Practical Nursing Program are due April 21st for the July 2016 class.

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