The Electrical Apprenticeship program prepares students to become trained, licensed journeyman electricians through four-year indentured apprenticeships. It includes residential, commercial, and industrial electricity; motor control; and project management. This program has been offered in partnership with Florida Electrical Association for over 20 years.

Each year of the Electrical Apprenticeship program focuses on a specific aspect of the electrical field, residential electric, commercial electric, industrial electric and basic motor control, and motor control with project management.

The program combines classroom learning with a 40 hour per week On-the-Job Training (OJT) program to provide a comprehensive training for the electrician. Student are in class two nights each week, while maintaining a full-time job as an electrical helper.


Residential Electricity I46032RB-1st Yr
(Co-Requisite: I46032RA)

Commercial Electricity I46032RB-2nd Yr
(Prerequisites: I46032RB-1st Yr, Co-Requisite: I46032RA)

Industrial Electricity & Motor Control I46032RB-3rd Yr
(Prerequisites: I46032RB-1st Yr, I46032RB-2nd Yr, Co-Requisite: I46032RA)

Advanced Motor Control & Project Management I46032RB-4th Yr
(Prerequisites: I46032RB-1st Yr, I46032RB-2nd Yr, I46032RB-3rd Yr, and Co-Requisite: I46032RA)

Electrical OJT I46032RA-(4 years)
(Co-Requisites: I46032RB-1st Yr, I46032RB-2nd Yr, I46032RB-3rd Yr, I46032RB-4th Yr)


Employment opportunities are excellent for those obtaining journeyman electrician designation.


In the state of Florida, a journeyman electrician may earn between $25,690 and $61,250.*


Students must have a standard high school diploma or diploma earned through GED testing, a valid Florida Driver’s License, be at least 18 years of age, meet basic skills requirements, provide a resume of work experience, be drug free, and employed by a local electrical contractor. Enrollment is competitive and limited. Prospective students must apply to this program by August 1 and contact Gary Crandon, apprenticeship coordinator, 352-873-8400, for application information.


Upon completion of all course requirements, students earn a certificate of completion in Electrical Apprenticeship.


Successful students will earn Journeyman Electrician licenses.


To view the Electrical Apprenticeship Program itemized costs sheet, please click here. (Cost sheet does not include Sponsor fee to Florida Electrical Association (FEA) organization)