Jump-starting a medical career with growing job opportunities across the U.S. is possible with CTAE’S Medical Assisting Program. As a medical assistant, you’ll be able to perform medical care duties for one of the most in-demand occupations on the market. Keep reading to learn more about the career, advantages of becoming a medical assistant, and how CTAE can assist you.

What is a Medical Assistant?

A medical assistant is a cross-trained professional that works with physicians and other health practitioners in offices or other healthcare facilities. However, the types of tasks are similar across the board. From being responsible for greeting patients to coding and filling out insurance forms, the medical assistant is a hands-on asset to the medical team. Performing basic laboratory tests, drawing blood, and preparing and administering medications are all important clinical duties possible in day-to-day work. While in a fast-paced environment making contributions to the team, the medical assistant is an involved occupation for those who like to be active in their work.

A Medical Assistant Program for You

Fortunately, in most states, there are no formal education requirements to become a medical assistant. After completing a postsecondary education program or technical program, as CTAE offers, a future in medical assisting is bright. Our hybrid program is designed to prep you with hands-on skills practice for employment and the required National Certification Examination. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the field is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. With pay ranging $21,630 and $37,770 per year, a career as a medical assistant can offer stability while supporting the betterment of others.

Ready to enroll? Applications for CTAE’s January 2016 Medical Assisting Program are due October 15th, 2015. Applications for the July 2016 program are due Thursday, April 21st, 2016, but applications will be accepted until classes are full.

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