Ability-to-Benefit Policy

Marion Technical College will admit students who do not have a high school diploma, the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma, or who have not completed secondary school education in a homeschool setting, on an Ability-to-Benefit basis in cases where all requirements are met as defined in section 484 (d) (2) of the HEA.  Ability-to-Benefit implies that an individual student is able to perform the work required in a program of study and that the student will benefit from participation in such program.

Ability-to-Benefit Application and Enrollment Procedure

An individual who applies to a program under the Ability-to-Benefit provision must take the following steps:

  1. Schedule the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST) in the Student Services department.
  2. Once the prospective student has received the results of their assessment, and has a completed application they will set up an appointment for an interview with the guidance and career counselor, and/or program personnel.
  3. After acceptance into a program, the instructor of the program will provide periodic reports of student progress in each occupational completion point to the Program Coordinator/Manager.
  4. A copy of all reports and records pertaining to an Ability-to-Benefit student will be maintained by the Student Services Department.
  5. If the student is in need of additional skill remediation services, the Guidance Counselor will work with the student to secure tutoring and/or additional assistance as needed.
  6. The Guidance Counselor will be responsible to set up an exit interview with the Ability-to-Benefit student(s) to evaluate the procedures used for admission and monitoring of student achievement and seek suggestions for improving service to future students.